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As highly experienced irrigation specialists, we can design water irrigation systems to suit your garden and your needs.


Our service is not just about providing you with a tool to do a job; it is about a way of life to enable you to enjoy your garden fully.

For example, we can design rotors to fire head-to-head for maximum coverage, ensuring no brown areas. We can also design and install powerful pop-ups that can reach up to 15m and then disappear out of site to allow for mowing and regular gardening work.


We always ensure that there is extra capacity in the system for further extensions should the need arise in the future.


Do bear in mind that if your water pressure is low - in summer, water pressure is generally reduced to conserve water. That is why we suggest having water pump and tank systems. Modern tanks are discreet and slim-lined to fit even in the smallest gardens.


Additionally, we always install a rain sensor to ensure no unnecessary watering in wet weather.

We will design a complete automatic irrigation / watering system that will meet your needs and surpass your expectations.


We will talk through your ideas with you, offering suggestions and expert advice prior to and during the installation process.

Designing your project

Automatic irrigation and watering systems

For professional irrigation system design and installation call

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Design and installation

We will provide the following upon completion of a survey to allow you to make an informed choice about your irrigation system installer:

What can we offer you?

Before a project, we will undergo a site survey which normally takes no longer than 1 hour. This can be arranged by phoning us to arrange a convenient time for our engineers to visit - evening appointments are available too.


We will offer expert advice based on your needs, as well as information on our products and services that best suit your requirements.


It is difficult to provide a quote for a site project which we haven't seen, but very often, a drawing prepared by a landscaper can give us an indication of the size and layout of your garden. We can then give an indication of costs based on the drawing.


Our site surveys are free and you are under no obligation. The quotes are fixed and final, and there are no hidden costs. The quote is also guaranteed for a year - so if you decide to install an irrigation system later in the year, you will only pay the quoted price.

We have extensive experience in commercial projects and can assist you in planning, developing and installing a system for:

We would like to take you to see a previous installation similar to your own in your area to show you how the system works and what you can expect from it. All our clients have offered their services as references to our work.


Please call to arrange a visit.

Our surveys are free

Commercial irrigation projects

Visiting other projects:

• A bill of quantities

• A simple outline plan of the project

• Detailed description of the plan, timings and what you can expect from us

• Sports grounds

• Rugby and football fields

• Cricket pitches

• Bowling greens

• Golf courses

• Commercial landscapes

• Gated housing developments

• Parks and conservation landscapes

• Green projects