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As with any installation, niggles may be present after we have left. These can often be resolved and remedied quickly with a visit from us.


We pride ourselves on our quick response and will always be available to chat or make adjustments and recommendations.


With us, your system is guaranteed for one year, from commissioning to close down at the end of the season.

At the beginning and end of each season, we will send you a reminder via post or email to remind you that your system may need closing down or starting up.


You may prefer to take the "hands on" approach and do it yourself, or you can call us to do it for you.


We do not offer costly maintenance contracts unless you specifically request it. It has proven to be more cost effective to the client to call us when the need arises.

Auto Aqua Irrigation offers a range of irrigation services for your garden, including installing, repairing and maintaining your automatic watering system.


We also provide affordable, bespoke automatic irrigation kits for patio decks and terraces.

Affordable, bespoke automatic irrigation

Maintenance, close-downs and start-ups

Is it time to service your garden irrigation system? Call us now on

01753 714 733

Aftercare service

If you have an existing system in place we'd be happy to service or repair it. However, we are only generally available during the winter period to allow us to maintain consistency for our own clients.


We may sometimes have appointments available during the summer. Please contact the office for further details.

Servicing and repairs

For those wanting to carry out installation work themselves, including small project managers, we are pleased to offer our Kanga trencher and mole plough to help you make the job easy.


The trencher takes away the back-breaking work of digging trenches at the correct depth, enabling you to lay your cables with much less effort.


The mole plough can drag through pipework without damaging your garden or lawn. Hire charge per day: £200 (with operator)

We are able to supply spares for your watering system.


Please call our office to discuss your needs or email us your request, and we will provide you with the cost (including postage costs).

Our prices are competitive and we always ensure that they are fair. Each garden is unique, and therefore costs may vary.


Costs may also be dependent on landscape zones, harvesting tank sizes and water pump specifications.

Equipment hire

Spares and parts

Self-watering kits

Our prices

We provide bespoke

automatic irrigation

kits for patios, which

are suitable for:

• Small gardens

• Garden beds and borders

• Vegetable gardens

• Greenhouses

• Pots and tubs

• Baskets and window boxes

We are now offering a new service for the DIY gardener - low cost, no waste, and all from your garden tap, tailored to suit your space.

Our service also includes:

• Free survey (the measuring area to be watered, water pressure and working out exactly what is needed)


• Consultation (Your needs and requirements taken into account)


• Plan (Drawing of the area detailing the route for the system)


• Instructions (Detailing how the kit is put together)


• Full telephone support